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Password Security Risks: How Employees Risk Companies With Simple Codes?

05-05-2022 | Alex Smith

The past two years have been pretty concerning owing to the increase in the password security risks and cybersecurity breaches, especially ransomware. The initial months of 2020 have seen a steady rise with the various ransomware attacks and have increased in the first half of 2021. By the end of the year 2021, 78.4 million attempted ransomware attacks had been recorded.  Considering the other ho...

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Cyber Safety At Work: 10 Important Tips To Obey

28-04-2022 | Alex Smith

Cyber safety at work is a pivotal thing in the offices and workplaces. While most people might think that this is unnecessary, maintaining proper cybersecurity offers a company more stability. Cybersecurity currently is a global issue that is affecting a lot of companies of all sizes and each employee at all levels of a business. It is the right time for the enterprises to consider this issue seri...

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Identity Management For IoT Devices: Managing The Important Business Credentials

12-04-2022 | Alex Smith

The Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT offers countless opportunities for business of all sizes and variants by increasing tier market competency, aiding in long-lasting and robust consumer relationships as well as discovering the brand new market opportunities. However, IoT has been a pretty significant challenge worldwide owing to the fact that these devices are widely used these days in...

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Cybersecurity In Healthcare: 10 Best Tips To Be Safe Online

07-04-2022 | Alex Smith

In the current electronic world, protecting information and cybersecurity in healthcare is vital for the normal functioning of the organizations globally. Many organizations in the healthcare sector possess various kinds of specialized hospital information systems that include e-prescribing systems, EHR systems, clinical decision support systems, practice management support systems, computerized p...

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Data Backup Strategies: How To Protect Your Data Effectively?

31-03-2022 | Deep Shukla

Have you lost any of your important data? Have you panicked? Well, you never had any data backup strategies in place unfortunately. Whether it is the images of a family vacation, a semester’s homework or reports from your workplace, you probably have data stored in the hard drive of your computer or on your mobile device that is very valuable to lose. This is where the data backup comes into actio...

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