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Types Of Social Media: How To Benefit From Them?

30-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Social Media has gained a lot of prominences not solely because of entertainment. It has offered the businesses some massive exposure and an easy route to the targeted audiences. So, whenever you are planning for your next social media strategy, you are probably looking forward to some known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or probably Pinterest and YouTube. However, there are vario...

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How To Run Different Types Of Instagram Ads?

22-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

In this digital era where everything is just a click away, social media plays a very vital role. Social media created a platform where every category of people fits well. Whether they are individuals, professionals, influencers, or even any business entity everybody has their share in this platform. More than 4.66 billion users in the world now uses social media so this has turned out to be a grea...

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Father’s Day Social Media Posts: 10 Amazing Brand Ideas

17-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Some days are just so special and Father’s Day is one of them. On this day, the 19th of June, all the fathers worldwide deserve some extra attention, love, respect and remembrance. With social media getting too strong these days, it has become easier to post things and reach out socially. Father’s Day social media posts are something that brands are paying attention to as well.  The brands have c...

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Kidfluencers And Social Media: Is It A New Age Child Labor?

11-06-2022 | Amrita Tripathi

Influencer marketing currently is one of the most progressing segments in the marketing industry. As per a report “60 Minutes Australia 2020”, people’s attention is solely an easy and accessible click away. The same report also states that private media sources like home videos have quickly become a pretty lucrative market and this raises the question, “Are parents taking an active role in safegua...

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5 Online Reputation Management Trends for 2022 & Beyond

11-05-2021 | Nancy Bloomer

Before we start discussing the trends, let us know what online reputation management is. As the name suggests, it is maintaining your name, fame, and image online. It is marketing but digitally. It is building your image online and also maintaining it online. If someone searches for you on the internet, they should see a good review about you or your brand. This is what online reputation managemen...

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