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6 Ways Online Defamation Victims Can Deal With

30-03-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Online defamation or social media defamation refers to the concept where someone puts up a statement on the internet that can ruin one’s image or business. They are also termed “online slander”. On the contrary, they fall under Libel defamation. Libel defamation refers to the defamation that has been written and Slander defamation refers to defamation that is in some audio or video form. Online de...

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How To Prevent Social Media Defamation

10-11-2021 | Nancy Bloomer

Social media defamation is a term used to describe a false accusation made against a person on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social media defamation is often termed “social media slander”. Though this term is technically misnomer since social media defamation is a written form of defamation that is posted on any platform it is Libel. Libel defamation refers to any d...

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