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Cybersecurity For Musicians: How To Protect Your Work From Cybertheft?

21-06-2022 | Alex Smith

With the advent of the Internet, the music business has become even more complex. With each passing day, more music is being delivered online. There are various methods that the musicians and the members of the music industry are adopting to distribute their music. Every time this thing is occurring, it is opening up new avenues to hurt the music industry through stealing and cybercrime. This prov...

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Why Is Cybersecurity In Food Industry Important For Food Safety?

07-06-2022 | Amir Rao Memon

The food and agriculture industry is a much more critical sector as it directly impacts the lives of everyone globally. Similar to the various other industries, the future of the food and agriculture industry is aiming to see robots making lives easier. Automated agro-bots will surely be introduced that will monitor, treat and work on the land. For this, the sector will implement high-tech tools t...

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How To Enable Cyber Safety For Moms On Mother’s Day?

06-05-2022 | Deep Shukla

The rising popularity of the gifts from online shopping means that many lucky mums will receive a glossy new device on the event of Mother’s Day. It might be a fitness tracker, a big new smart TV or even a digital home assistant. Whatever the thing is, we must understand the potential risks that are involved while giving or receiving an internet-based device and ways to enable cyber safety for mom...

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Cyber Safety At Work: 10 Important Tips To Obey

28-04-2022 | Alex Smith

Cyber safety at work is a pivotal thing in the offices and workplaces. While most people might think that this is unnecessary, maintaining proper cybersecurity offers a company more stability. Cybersecurity currently is a global issue that is affecting a lot of companies of all sizes and each employee at all levels of a business. It is the right time for the enterprises to consider this issue seri...

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Cybersecurity In Healthcare: 10 Best Tips To Be Safe Online

07-04-2022 | Alex Smith

In the current electronic world, protecting information and cybersecurity in healthcare is vital for the normal functioning of the organizations globally. Many organizations in the healthcare sector possess various kinds of specialized hospital information systems that include e-prescribing systems, EHR systems, clinical decision support systems, practice management support systems, computerized p...

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