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5 Ways To Build Effective Links With Content Marketing

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Initially, link building was based on quantity and not quality. But today the scenario of link building has changed. With the new Google Algorithm, the definition of link building has started to take a new shape. So in this article, we will discuss 5 ways in which we can build links through content marketing. You can consider this article as content marketing tips. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is used to lure, engage, and retain the audience by formulating and sharing related articles, podcasts, videos, and other media. This strategy establishes expertise, awareness, promotes brands, and keeps your business at the top of the mind when it is time to purchase any product or service. Video content marketing is one of the most popular along with blogs and podcasts. 

It is the distribution and development of useful, relevant content, blogs,newsletters, social media posts, emails, videos, and many more. They can also be used as content marketing examples. Now that the content marketing definition is clear to you, let us have a look at one of the most crucial strategies of the content market and that is link building. This is one of the crucial content marketing services that many digital marketing companies offer. So if you are wondering how to do content marketing then this article will help. And if you cannot do this all alone, then you need to choose one of the best content marketing companies that will make your job done. 

The Concept Of Link Building

Search engine algorithms are developing with each passing day to make sure that the best quality content is provided in response to user's queries. And their concern revolves around the number of authentic links that are there in your content so that the content becomes more trustworthy than spammy in its periphery. 

These days it is very important to deliver valuable content and also invest in inbound and outbound marketing. This is because nearly 91% of B2B and B2C businesses deliver good content and invest in content marketing. If you don't do the B2B content marketing for your business then you will be left behind. 

5 Link Building Strategies Through Content Marketing

For beginners, many black-hat ways have emerged in the last decade, which have resulted in several Google penalties. The right method is to identify authoritative websites in your own niche and get backlinks from them. And in all these content marketing is the most efficient way to get backlinks that will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one of the most important benefits of content marketing.

Now that you know what is content marketing, let us see the 5 strategies with which you can drive backlinks for your content. These can also be used as content marketing plans to grow your business and also create its digital presence. 

1. Indulge Into Strategic Guest Blogging

Blogging is an integral part of businesses online, and it has proven that several times. Businesses websites that have blogs get 97% more inbound leads. Guest blogging increases the credibility of your website and hence drives traffic to your website. 

To find the topic for your blog all you have to do is search your keyword in Google and find relevant topics. Go through them and understand the matter. Then with relevant keywords write a blog on the same topics. Create a book of ideas and refer to industry leading websites to drive ideas for your blog. 

Still, if you encounter any problems in finding guest posting opportunities follow these in Google:

  • Your Keyword + “guest post”
  • Your Keyword + “write for us”
  • Your Keyword + “contributing writer”

Guest blogging is quite time consuming, so if you still have any issues you can use sites like Link able that will connect you to freelancers who will do the task for you. There are various content marketing platforms that can help you to do so.

2. Pillar Page To Build Backlinks

A pillar page is a single page that covers up all the available aspects of a particular topic. For instance, one can write a pillar page about a big topic like SEO. And then some cluster of contents that revolves around “blog SEO”, “technical SEO”, “ON-page SEO”, “Off-page SEO” that includes more precise keywords inside these topics. 

A pillar page is generally longer than any blog post and these posts are hyperlinked with cluster content blog posts. 

These ensure constant generation of organic traffic on your website and are a great way to generate leads. You can use this as an important content marketing tool for your business. 

3. Skyscraper Technique

This is a very useful technique that is used by many top content marketing agencies across the globe. The skyscraper technique is used to turn content into a high quality backlink. This term was coined by Brian Dean and this is a popular strategy for link building where the existing content is improved and new ways are thought to communicate that same message. This includes working more with the design, updating the statistics, and working more on the engaging medium. 

This is one of the effective technique for link building because:

  • Existing Demand: When we find that the existing content is successful we tend to work more on that as we understand the demand for that topic. 
  • Serious Ranking Potential: The existing resource has already been indexed by Google. Adding to that, nobody will want their visitors to point to outdated resources. This is the opportunity one should use to persuade their site owners to their “skyscraper” contents. 

4. Design Expert Roundups And Interviews

This type of content is known as “Ego-bait”. Everybody loves the feeling of being a celebrity. So if you approach someone from the same domain to talk about their roundups and take a small interview no one will refuse. 

Interviewing an expert from the same domain and who has a loyal following will automatically generate backlinks and that too organically. 

One small tip to use the best from this content marketing strategy, before reaching out to the person whom you have selected, get some knowledge on the fact that whether a person has a habit of linking those resources that feature their inputs. 

5. Earn Social Exposure To Increase Your Visibility

Even though Google has stated that there is no relation between ranking and your social signals, still use your social media platforms to gain more visibility. This will increase your content’s reach. You yourself think that how often you use your social media as a search engine? You will get your answers. Link your websites in your social media handles and create engaging content there. Then promote your content links in your social media handles making a strong social media marketing. That will attract more eyesight and your content will get more links and mentions. 


When it comes to ranking your page in the Google Search Engine Result Page, links play a very important role. And these links can be obtained through content marketing. The quality of the link depends on relevancy and also placements and it is not at all a difficult task when you have high quantity contents ready. Social media handles are also useful in promoting your business. But you need to watch out for the social media defamation that could be potentially harmful. The idea of content marketing for startups is one of the ideal marketing strategies that help any business to grow to a great extent.


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