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Explaining Digital Marketing: Introducing New Online Marketing To Your Parents

Updated on: 01/07/2022

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With the Covid-19 hitting hard globally, digitization is the sole source of reaching potential viewers and that is where digital marketing becomes important. Our parents have already been accessing the internet and loving it. It is now time to take internet surfing and knowing what is going on in the digital sphere is of utmost importance. That being said, it is crucial for the children or grandchildren to take active steps in explaining digital marketing to them. 

Did you recall helping your parents learn how to access the internet or use Google Assistant to search for things without typing? Well, making them understand digital marketing could be the same thing. So, how to start? Begin with explaining digital marketing basics in simple language. But forget not to mention marketing so that they can relate.

What Is Marketing?

Start with marketing and gradually move towards digital marketing. Marketing has been a proven method to connect to your audience in a very effective method. Here the audience is not solely the readers who would like to know what your offer, viz., products and services but people who are most eager to take one or more of your services or products. The following example could help your parents understand the concept well.

For example, you sell customized t-shirts. People who are not familiar with the concept of “customized t-shirts” or how they might look, will definitely want to know about them. They will want to know more about your products which they can do via your website or blogs. On the other hand, customers who are already aware of the concept and looking forward to purchasing your product would like to contact you or visit your website to get their hands. 

Traditionally, marketing used to be through only physical stores, pamphlets, billboards, magazines, radio, TV, word of mouth and of course trust that you build. People would visit your store to purchase products. Gradually, people wanted to know more from the comfort of their homes and on the go. This is where digital marketing or online marketing is the most effective as the online marketing business is at its peak.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, as the term suggests is marketing through the use of the internet. It exists online electronically. With digital marketing, the possibilities are endless considering reaching potential customers. Digital marketing starts with having a website offering products and services and goes beyond that. This includes everything that you find online from the emails that you receive in your inbox (Email Marketing) to the mobile notifications of new product launches and much more. Social media marketing (that is marketing your products and services via various social media platforms) is also a part of digital marketing including paid advertisements or video advertisements

Now the question is how would you proceed to this particular thing while explaining digital marketing? Ask your parents about the ads that they have seen on the various social media platforms. Ask if they have clicked one of them and reached a website offering the advisers products or services. We are sure they have done it. This is in fact digital marketing. Internet marketing is a possible method to reach potential customers.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

As we have already mentioned, people like easy things and that too at their own comfort. It is not always possible to visit the physical stores to purchase products and thus, online shopping is at its peak. With the help of digital marketing through a trusted digital marketing agency, the companies try to extend their products and services to their customers and to those who are looking for similar products and customers. 

For example, your customized t-shirt business has got only a physical shop and say you have analysed customer visits to 40%. With an online store or a website, it is possible to have combined (online and offline) customer visits to 80%. Without a digital presence, you are actually missing out on the 40% of customers that visit you through the internet. 

Another thing in this regard is credibility or trust. Say, your parents want to purchase a sofa set from a brand. The first thing in the digital era they would do is just search for the brand online and read the reviews and product descriptions. They can purchase it online (if a dedicated portal of the brand exists) or can visit the nearby physical store to get their hands on it. Digital marketing is quintessential for informing customers and building brand loyalty. 

Digital Marketing comprises a lot of things such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Paid Ads, and Content Marketing. It is a means to raise brand awareness. Now let us get a step further. 

Explaining Digital Marketing: SEO, SMM, Paid Ads & Content Marketing

Here is a brief of all the digital marketing services offered by the best online marketing agency that you can easily explain to your parents. Get ready for some questions after you are done explaining!

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO in Digital Marketing is the process that increases the volume and quality of traffic to your website via search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Bing utilize bots to crawl the websites, read information therein and index all the collected information. 

For example, a page of a website can be compared to a page of a book and Google is the librarian. As the librarian lists all the books and rearranges them as per specific rules or keeps certain books in the must-read section, Google does exactly the same. The Google algorithms are designed as a way to search for the relevant and authoritative pages. It offers the users an efficient experience. For creating higher-ranking pages, the sites and content are optimized to meet the specific Google-set criteria.

Let your parents know that whenever they are searching for anything on Google, it is listening to them. Thus, when you are searching “footwear stores near me”, the SEO is working to offer search queries that are related to footwear stores and that too in or near your location. 

This is where Local SEO comes into play. With the help of Local SEO and a leading digital marketing company, the brands or the companies try to reach out to potential customers in their locality or near them. Tell your parents that the star ratings and reviews that they see on various websites are actually the results of GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) or lately Google Business Profile

This specific tool is vital in SEO strategy as it helps the companies to manage how they would appear locally on Google by scanning the following parameters:

  • Business Hours
  • Business Name
  • Categories
  • Description
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Reviews
  • Service Area
  • Services
  • Website

The more information a customer will have about a business, it will be easier for them to make a decision. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO are two major strategies that are continuously being used. Optimization means following a specific set of rules to receive the maximum benefit possible. 

The key to cutting through the competition of SEO and boosting rankings, the best possible method is to use relevant high search volume keywords. The use of these keywords in the content of websites and making sure that the content does not feel manipulated by robots comprises on-page optimization. The more keywords we have on the website, the more relevant and authoritative the website gets. But, keyword stuffing is not acceptable in the current scenario. This means that unnecessarily if one stuffs keywords for the sole purpose of ranking, this might lead to a negative impact on the website. The website might not rank in the search engines. The relevant and good volume keywords are the ones along with other criteria that make a website rank on the first page of the Google SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. 

However, link building is also necessary when other people mention your articles, blogs, products, services or simply about you or via your website links. This causes a positive impact on your website. 

For example, you own a boutique “ABC” and your friend owns an accessories store “XYZ”. When you mention that “XYZ’s accessories are attention-grabbing”, you are actually mentioning them. When you link their website to this, you are giving XYZ a backlink. They can also do the same. Even both you and your friend can gather several mentions (the more the better) and this is link building.

Off-page optimization is just another method. These include the actions taken outside of a website to impact your rankings positively on the search engine results page. This includes engaging with people on forums, guest blogging, social bookmarking, broken link building and more.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

So basically, Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to the use of social networks and social media for marketing a company’s products and services. It offers a company a way to engage with existing customers and reach potential customers. Social media marketing is mostly done using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, with time, new additions are accepted and adopted.

Ask your parents if they have seen brands resolving issues or asking for user concerns through these platforms. It is a sure thing that they have at least once. The pillars of SMM opted by the top social media marketing agency include the following:

✅ Strategy: In this step, the marketers determine the goals, choose the social media channels, and the type of content that will be shared. 

✅ Planning: This step is solely focused on drafting plans of the content and what will go in them.

✅ Engagement: In this step, the marketers analyze what the customers, users and others are saying regarding the brands, posts and other business assets. Some social media tools are also required in this step. 

✅ Analytics & Reporting: It is important to have a clear knowledge of how the posts are doing and how is the reach and engagement. This is possible through this step and obviously with some dedicated tools.

✅ Advertising: This is usually the paid ads on social media websites and is useful for promoting and further developing a brand. 

3. Paid Advertisements (Paid Ads)

The paid advertisements as the name goes are paid, meaning you have to spend some money to target your preferred audience. These online advertising strategies are crucial for narrowing down some filters and getting to the desired customers and audiences. 

For example, your customized t-shirt business would obviously target people who would purchase it. It is not for those who are students and looking for some courses online. There are various filters in such paid ad campaigns where you can narrow down the requirements and get straight to the targeted audience. This saves time, money, and effort. It increases sales and revenue.

Paid Ads include social media ads such as advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and more via promotional content or banners. Additionally, those ads that you see anywhere on a website while scrolling through a page are Google Ads and are paid as well. These are a part of Google digital marketing.

When you are searching for anything on the search engine, any product that appears first on the search results page in Google with an “Ad” written anywhere around it, is definitely a paid ad. If you have a good observation power, then you have noticed that mostly in the Google SERPs, the initial couple of listings are ads.

To acquire these ad places or ad ranks, the brands have to bid. However, to confirm their places, there are certain parameters or factors like the CPC or cost per click bid (maximum amount or bid you specify for your keywords) and the quality score (how relevant and useful the ad is to the users). Additionally, most of them are PPC or Pay-Per-Click, also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. In this, the bidder or the advertiser has to pay Google against each click by the user.

Google Ad Ranking Procedure

4. Content Marketing

Moving on is Content Marketing. It is a strategy that helps to attract, engage as well as retain an audience through creating and sharing relevant articles, podcasts, videos and various other media. Other methods of marketing content include whitepapers, newsletters, emails, and social media posts. This strategy helps to establish and nurture relationships with your existing and prospective customers. 

So, why is it important? Before answering this, ask your parents if they have to purchase a new micro oven, what they would generally do? Go to the store, buy it and later regret it or know about the product before buying it? Honestly, the answer would be to have a good knowledge of the product and brand before purchasing it. 

It has been evaluated that 47% of the buyers prefer to view at least 3-5 pieces of content (blogs, reviews or videos on YouTube) before they even engage with any sales representative. Video Marketing is crucial as it currently attracts a lot more customers. The companies that use content marketing have seen approx 30% higher growth rates in growth than the businesses that are not using it. Businesses that engage in content marketing and have blogs receive 67% more leads than their competitors. 


Digitalization has changed the method of marketing that had been perceived earlier. A banner ad became even more worth clicking on than billboards ads. Explaining digital marketing to your parents is important if you want to make sure that they are going with the current trend and not missing out on anything. 

Digital marketing is very important and no business can do without it. That being said, digital marketing strategies are dynamic. Thus, with time digital marketers have to rethink their strategies and implement the most effective ones. This will let them stand out, garner more leads and eventually enjoy greater revenue than their competitors. 

To search for some digital marketing companies, you can go to the search engine (Google) and search for “digital marketing agency near me”. To learn in-depth about digital marketing and the various services that it offers, you can ask your parents to signup for Udemy digital marketing courses. The blog section on the digital marketing website of brands also offers some really good information through the articles.


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