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Fitness Ads On Facebook: How To Execute Best Conversion?

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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Connecting with the ideal customers might be a challenging task for both the seasoned fitness studio owner and the new ones in the business. You literally need to put a lot of effort to fine-tune your marketing efforts to build your client base. Face-to-face interactions are definitely great. However, it is not possible to reach out to a huge mass in that manner. Thus, the best methods could be some investments in social media ads or advertisements. Fitness ads on Facebook can prove to be beneficial if you know how to exactly use them. 

This article is all about the importance of social media for small businesses such as fitness studios and yoga centres and how they can engage in Facebook ads to grow their business.

Importance Of Social Media For Small Businesses Post-Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has largely changed the way people use social media. Following the pandemic, the average daily social media usage in the United States has leapt drastically to two hours and three minutes from the average daily social media of one hour and fifty-seven minutes in 2018. Data has also revealed that social media engagement has increased by 61%. This refers to the fact that people are now engaging a lot more than in the earlier times when they are sharing posts, posting, commenting and doing a lot more. A 2019 report from PEW states the following about the percentage of people using social media on a daily basis.

Daily Social Media Usage

As per the 2018 statistics by PEW, 88% of people in the age group 18-29 years use social media and the percentage gradually decreases with the increase in age. 

Age Based Social Media Usage

Post covid, the scenario is expected to remain unchanged presenting a great opportunity for the local establishments and the small businesses to attain more prospects as well as grow their businesses through running effective paid ad campaigns. Here are the reasons why social media will continue to be prevalent.

Social Media Is The Place For Ideal Customer Hunt

In today’s scenario, people are spending more time on their phones or devices scrolling through various social media platforms. There is not a single day that they keep themselves away from social media. Various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have become TV for modern consumers. It is where these people find entertainment for themselves and stay in touch with people. Thus, it can be said that social media is the place where you are likely to locate your ideal customers. 

Whatever the platforms your target audience is using, make sure that you have a presence there as well. Additionally, ensure that you are quite frequent and active on these platforms. If you are posting fitness-related content there, you will be able to attract the right people in your area who might seem to be interested in signing up for a yoga or gym membership. They can be anyone from the ones looking forward to losing extra pounds to someone wanting to change their gym location and more. This ensures that your gym advertising ideas are on point.

Social Media Influences The Decision Of Buyers

In the present scenario, the consumers are pretty cautious when it comes to purchasing any products or availing of any services. This is seen mostly in online purchasers. When the consumers are making a decision on which company to go for before purchasing any product, they usually look for proof that is legit and is able to provide excellent products or services. 

In doing this, they are likely to visit the website of the brands, check out the online reputation of the brand, and make a note of what their customers are saying with social proof. They would also check the number of followers on your social media handles. 

It is a fact that people are inclined towards knowing how you are doing online and judge your business by their online presence. Thus, it could mean that those businesses that do not have enough followers on social media might not have a lot of customers. If people find out that just a couple of people are actually talking about a brand or its products and services, they might feel that the products and services are a miss. 

That being said, you have to come up with some solid social media marketing strategy to help you build your followers and increase your online reputation or brand reputation. This would also prevent your target audience from making any wrong assumptions about you or your brand, products and services. 

✅ Social Media Is The Hub For Referrals

Social media plays an important role in referrals and they are crucial for businesses. When you are being recommended, you will be able to generate even more quality leads as compared to running a commercial on a TV. After your referrals convert to customers, you can expect to be referred again. 

At the present time, referrals do not happen face-to-face. Rather they occur online. People are eager to share their personal experiences as well as opinions regarding a business or brand that can be impactful based on what they have to say about you. If you are eagle-eyed, you would have seen people writing long reviews regarding a product or service on various social media platforms. 

Others simply post pictures and state whether they recommend it or not. Some go ahead and post a complete video about your product and services that they have availed from your brand on their YouTube channels or Facebook pages. 

If you are lucky enough you will be tagged. This can drive more customers to both your online and offline stores. Additionally, you have to ensure that your social media marketing strategy features user-generated content for encouraging the customers to post or make a recommendation of your fitness studio.

✅ Helps To Establish Better Brand Awareness

Social media is a prominent method to establish better brand awareness. While some of your potential customers are not at all ready to completely commit to the membership of your fitness studio, some of them might be testing your fitness studio’s online presence and what people have to say about it. Some others out there might have a tight schedule to take up the membership of your fitness studio. So, when they make up their minds to join a fitness studio, you would want to be the first brand that pops up in their minds. Being active on social media is a great way to place your business on top of your target audience’s minds. 

Fitness Ads On Facebook: The Ultimate Expert Tips

Specifically, Facebook advertising is a hyper-targeted method to get people to know about your fitness studio or yoga center. It also helps you to reach your ideal targeted customer on social media. The good thing about these Facebook ads is that they are quite inexpensive when compared to the more traditional advertising outlets. This might be one of the many reasons why 68% of the fitness industry prioritizes Facebook advertising to market their business. 

So, planning for an impactful Facebook Ad for your fitness studio or yoga center? Check out the expert tips below. 

1. Be Inclusive

Adobe has found out that 38% of the consumers are more likely to purchase from the brands offering inclusivity and diversity in their advertisements. Take advantage of this and break through the stereotypes by including diversity in your Facebook ads. Include people from all races, sizes, colours and sexual orientations in your paid ad campaigns on social media.

Here is a great Facebook ad by Adidas which does not discriminate between gender. It states that the fitness apparels are for all and all have equal rights, irrespective of gender.

Facebook Inclusive Advertisement

2. Concentrate On Your Ad Content

While you focus on how your Facebook ad must look, your ad in itself must be relevant to the audience that you are marketing to. Connie Holen, a Certified Consultant and fitness marketing expert advice,

“Get specific with your offers and promotions. When you create packages that help people reach specific goals it becomes a lot easier to focus your advertising budget on the people most likely to respond.”

Make use of the “Audiences” feature in the Facebook Ads Manager for creating “Saved Audiences” depending on the demographics and interest data ahead of time. As soon as they are built, you will definitely save time while creating Facebook ads in future.

Another feature that you must make use of is the “Dynamic Creative” feature that auto-splits the test and delivers the highest performing combinations of your ad creative. This includes the images, descriptions, videos and the call-to-action or CTA buttons. Pay closer attention to the top-performing combinations and repeat them for future ads. 

3. Consider Local Influencers

As stated by the Influencer Marketing Hub, 90% of the businesses and brands working with the influencers are overwhelmed regarding the outcome. They believe that influencer marketing is very effective. 

Choosing the right influencers will aid you to reach more of your target audience as well as effectively communicating your brand message. The influencers can also help your brand to feel more relatable and approachable. The viewers and the followers of these influencers trust them so much that when they recommend a fitness studio or a yoga center, the fans are most likely to check it out.

That said, hiring an influencer can involve a lot of expenses. However, if you feel that you cannot afford the celebrity influencers, do not be heartbroken. instead, go for nano or micro-influencers in your area. You can also reach out to fitness coaches who might be quite influential in your area or someone with a strong fitness background having a considerable number of followers. 

With the nano, you must not expect a million followers. But from their thousands of followers, a good number of them might be interested in your fitness studio. Some of them might be willing to work for absolutely free while with some others you can definitely come to something mutual like a shoutout, free gym sessions or anything that they consent to. You might also want to include Facebook ads for personal trainers for more trainers to assist.

So how would you find out these influencers? It is quite straightforward. All you have to do:

✅ Check out anyone in your area who is associated with fitness and is documenting or vlogging their fitness journey on Instagram or YouTube. 

✅ Make use of relevant hashtags to locate them on social media. Research about them to find out their activities and how they are engaging themselves in the social sphere with respect to fitness.

✅  You can also go ahead and designate yourself or one of your instructors as a brand ambassador.

✅ Post about your fitness studio or yoga center. Share your UGC on your accounts and also post various content on stories. 

Benefits Of Nano Influencers

4. Emphasize On Video-based Ads

Video-based ads possess the potential to draw more attention and make the customer learn about your brand. As stated by Paul Hickey, 

“More and more I am tending to video-based Facebook advertising as Facebook videos are now watched more than YouTube videos by consumers.”

Ensure that the videos you create for Facebook are to the point and short, say, fifteen seconds or less. The videos also must not require volume for all those people that are scrolling without sound. As the users most often scroll quickly and on mobile devices, it becomes very important to customize your video advertising efforts accordingly.

5. Employ Ephemeral Content

As the stories and statuses of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat possess nearly 500 million daily active users, the brands and businesses can use this opportunity to use the ephemeral contents to increase their sales and boost their conversions as well. 

So, what are Ephemeral Contents?

Well, it refers to the content that is solely accessible for a very limited amount of time. As soon as the time period gets over, the content will lose its availability. Live stream videos, photos, offers, and narrative stories are considered to be the most common forms. These contents are much more effective because it is short, addictive and ensures to keep your audience hooked. Consumers can spend hours after getting into the website and scrolling through products that match their choice. 

Additionally, these contents give rise to the Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO. It has been noted that 60% of the consumers make an impulsive purchase within 24 hours owing to this phenomenon. By posting the time-bound discounts and offers on your stories and ads, you create a good chance to convince your audience to sign up for your fitness studio membership. The following is an example from Life Fitness Gym.

Facebook Offer Ads (Ephemeral Content)

6. Employ Facebook Pixel For Your Advantage

The Facebook Pixel is a potent piece of code that you can easily add to your website and take Facebook marketing to the next level. The code added in the Facebook ads manager or admanager tracks the behaviour of your visitors and records who views your website, visits a specific page, or takes a particular action, for example purchasing anything. After you add this feature to your website, you will be able to create your “Custom Audiences” and retarget the visitors depending on the set criteria through gym advertising campaigns

The Facebook ad library is also an important tool to consider. If you have been looking for “how to find active ads on Facebook”, this is where you should have been looking all this time. 

Ensure to diversify your advertisement strategy, use both “Saved” (interest and demographics-based) as well as “Custom" audiences (using your website pixel) in the bid to target the prospective customers at every level of their journey. On saying this, Connis suggests, 

“Retargeting ads like this one can be an effective way to close the loop on warm leads to increase sales. However, this tactic is best used with other promotions that will drive initial traffic to the studio's website.

7. Feature User-generated Content

User-generated content can aid in building trust amongst your target audience. This is the reason you are required to feature them on your social media accounts. If a client goes ahead and is kind enough to tag you on their Instagram story, you must re-post it as a story and save it on the profile highlights in your profile. In this way, your followers and people interested in your brand or the products and services can see the story whenever they wish to. Be creative and build gym creative ads with UGC for your next Facebook Ad.

Talking about the Facebook mentions, you must share them on your profile. This will help your social media followers to know how your fitness studio or yoga center produces happy and healthy clients. The posts that are shared by the customers create your portfolio and are seen as the most genuine reflection of your fitness studio’s performance.

Featuring the comments from your clients will have a massive impact on the decisions of your targeted audience. This is owing to the fact that the comments or feedback from your clients tend to be more relatable and genuine. Never create an ad that sets unrealistic expectations. There are various forms of USG content such as:

✅ Before and after progress pictures

✅ Personal training videos  

✅ Reviews

✅ Success stories

✅ Testimonials

Additionally, you can also start a hashtag that organizes these kinds of content. This will also encourage your clients to use these hashtags. Plus, this also makes it easier for other people to locate the kind of posts they would love to see. You might want to use the name of your fitness studio and the type of content. Here is one of the best fitness advertising campaigns.