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Google Ads: 10 Important Reasons To Use It

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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If you are an advertiser looking forward to starting capitalizing on the astronomical number of searches that occur on the most famous search engine daily, Google, then this is what you might have been craving for. The Google Ads have been playing a crucial role in drawing more traffic to the websites as well as offering greater conversion of all kinds. 

In this article we will discuss the top 10 reasons that will lure you to use advertisements on Google, if you have not thought about it already. However, let the “What Is” become your stepping stone.

What Is “Google Ads”?

As it is formerly known as Google AdWords, you might want to know “what is Google Adwords?” Wikipedia defines Google Advertisements as:

“Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search (the Google Search Network) and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos (the Google Display Network). Services are offered under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model.” 

Thus, with the Google AdWords, you have to pay a specific amount (predetermined and varies with the type of ads placed) everytime when a visitor clicks your ad.

Top 10 Benefits Of Using Google Advertisements

There are so many advertising mediums as well as methods out there making it challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your business. The salesperson and the influencers are always letting you know to invest in something or the other or telling you to use good SEO strategies but never explains why. But here we will tell you “Why use Google Ads”. That being said, there are plenty of benefits to using this and here are the best ones.

1. Massive Reach Of Google

At this point, Google has elevated itself beyond a brand. The Merriam Webster Dictionary has actually defined Google as:

“To use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web.”

This is owing to the fact that, today, when people possess questions that require answering, Google is usually the first stop for them. For example, if you want to know which flowers would be the best alternative for roses in a bouquet, just Google it! Simple. Want to know how to make a landing page attractive? Google it!

The search engine handles over 2 trillion searches like this every year which accounts to over 5 billion searches per day. The Google Adwords keyword planner has been pretty helpful in finding and planning the keywords that go with the niche and topic of your business.

With these, are those people who are constantly looking for great solutions to the problems that your business has to offer. If they have been using the internet, there are high chances that they have already Googled the answer to something. That being said, if you are capable of answering their questions properly, even if you do it with an ad, they will prefer to choose you over your competitor.

2. Google Capabilities Permit You A Range Of Audience Targeting

Google helps in some way or the other for every business and every prospect at all stages of the buyer’s journey. Bidding on the search of the broad keywords such as “graphic designing software” will display ads to the prospects at the earlier stages of the process involving product research and will permit you to fill the top of your funnel with two simple yet powerful techniques, viz., 

  • Capturing their information with the help of your post click landing page and begin sending them informative content (Content Marketing) that proves your authority.
  • If they do not convert, you must use the retargeting software for drawing them back until they do so.

Additionally, there is another technique which is very powerful and will work for adding to your customer base is bidding on the long-tail keyword search terms such as “graphic designing software for beginners” or “graphic designing software for professionals”. 

These are generally less expensive and that they are worth it for capturing the attention of the people who are exactly looking for what you offer. Most of the time people who engage in searching for the long-tail keywords, or specific strings of keywords usually have more intent. And this intent is what makes the people reach you on the Ads that are so valuable.

3. Harness Real Intent

The biggest difference between the people that you are reaching with the help of your Google Ads or paid ad campaigns and the people you are reaching with the other forms of advertising is their intent. For instance, on social media, people are not looking to be advertised to. They are not actually looking for the solutions to their issues that are plaguing their everyday lives. They are looking for the vacation images, the baby pictures and the various family updates. When you are attempting to advertise someone who is not eager to get advertised to, there is a better chance that you are about to be turned down. 

However, this notion has been changed with the evolution of the social media websites that offer you to place your desired ads and that desired ads must match the preference of the social media traffic. This has opened up a new path to online paid media marketing and that is social media marketing (SMM).

But on the search networks like Google and Bing, you are advertising to the people who want to be advertised to. Thus, you are advertising to all those people who are looking forward to something specific and this could be anything, even something related to your business. 

When your ad appears, it helps those people to find the answer instead of interrupting all their online browsing experience. Some of the experts have even considered the search ads as a form of inbound marketing as opposed to the outbound advertising as they assist someone who has accepted the very first step to look for it. 

By using the advertisements, you must let the prospects come to you and then go ahead and help them find their answers. On doing so, you will definitely position yourself to earn their business when they are ready to indulge in an expense.

4. Maintaining Complete Control Of Your Campaigns At All Times

Till now you might have to cross a lot of hurdles and make way through the narrow pavements in the bid to run your ad campaigns aiming to reach as many people as possible. The starting and the ending of those campaigns is sure to take some time and resources that you can use any other place for the better results. 

On the other hand, purchasing an ad space using the software, also termed as “programmatic advertising” is often pretty easy for even a single properly trained employee. With some basic education on the same, they will be able to start as well as stop a campaign when required. Additionally, they will be able to reach the right people at the right price and do all of these almost instantaneously. In this way, you can allocate all your resources and your time to the other important alternatives. 

5. Acceptance Of Any & All Budget

When a company wins a click, it can cost it some hundreds of dollars (Google Adwords cost). Research has discovered that in the legal industry, there are a couple of the long-tail keywords that reach around $1,000 per click. However, most of the keywords do not cost that much. And even if they do cost that much, a benefit of using Google ads is the ability to put constraints on your maximum bids, daily budget and more of that. In this way, you can be much more confident that even if you are not actually monitoring your account similar to a hawk, you will never spend more than you want to. 

With the advertisements on Google, you can also decide how much you would like to spend every month and adjust the budget depending on the performance graph. When an advertisement is performing better than what you have thought, you can go ahead and increase the ad spend on it in the bid to increase the desired results. This works in the reverse for decreasing the ad spend on any underperforming ad. But you can also cease it instantly before losing another penny.  

6. Results Laid Out In A Lucid Format In Google Ads

You will specifically have no idea on how to improve if you are not aware of what exactly you are doing wrong. Some of the analytics dashboards also make it nearly impossible to figure out what that is. 

In this case, it can be said that you are lucky enough to have Google at your disposal. It makes everything easy to understand and pretty straightforward. All you need to do is find out the basic information such as impressions, clicks, keywords budget and more. Additionally, you must also be granular with the Google Analytics Integration. This permits you to see exactly how the visitors are behaving on your website. You will also be able to know what they clicked, where they navigated next and for how long they have been there. 

7. Receive Quicker Results As Compared To SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still considered the backbone of most of the highly visited websites. The pages and posts that you are able to see on page one are not just carefully curated with the in-depth researched keywords, but they are also on the websites that have garnered a massive number of the backlinks over time. It is still the number one ranking factor of web pages.

It can take years before you are able to get to see one of your own pages in the desired first position for a broad keyword search term. Some of the businesses will never even see it. 

When you are getting started with Google, although your chance of leapfrogging all of the organic results on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) grows exponentially, it slowly also grows easier as well. There is no endless search for the links that will push your page up just a little bit and that there is no study over the keyword density on your post-click landing page. Thus, you are required to start running ads and boost the odds that people see you the first thing, on a page such as this, where the organic results do not even appear until beneath the fold.

8. Building Brand Awareness

When people hear or encounter “Google Ads”, they usually think of driving the traffic via the pay-per-click ads on the search engine results page. However, Google advertisements are much more versatile than that. They can also serve as a great tool in building brand awareness. This is something that the research shows and this is the same thing that the highest performing marketers prefer and prioritize. 

Let's have a brief of what “brand” actually means. David Ogilvy may be have offered the best definition decades ago:

”The intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.”

                                                                                                                               - David Ogilvy.

Reinforcing your brand name, brand reputation, personality, etc., are all necessary for building trust with your visitors. The more you indulge in repeating these things consistently, the rigid steps you are taking to make your brand stronger and hence you earn more trust with the prospects. And the trust is the one thing that will earn you enough purchases and will finally earn you loyal customers. 

Via the Ads search network, even if the potential customers are not yet clicking, then you need to employ what they see such as your brand, tagline, your brand’s services and products that you have to offer and all things that you use to showcase your work. And via the Ads display network, you will be even able to prioritize brand awareness by opting to display your ads to even more people. Rather than completely focus on the conversions or clicks, you must equally stress upon the bidding strategies. Both the strategies permit the advisers to reinforce the critical attributes of the business and this in turn strengthens the brand.

9. Earning More Conversions

When Google is sure of which ads it would prefer to show by the browsing prospects, they take the post-click landing page experience into account. As per the Google Ads support page,

“Post-click landing page experience is Ads’ measure of how well your website gives people who click your ads exactly what they’re looking for--quickly and effortlessly. Your post-click landing page is the URL people arrive at after they click your ad, and the experience you offer affects your Ad Rank and therefore your CPC and position in the ad auction. Your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to websites that offer a poor user experience.”

The ad networks that do not prioritize the landing page experience will let you direct internet users to any of the old pages of your website. It can be an “About Us” page, or a homepage and this will quickly drain your budget as the visitors do not want to hunt for what you have promised them in your advertisements. 

However, even to get your ad visible on the Google network, you will definitely need a highly persuasive post-click landing page. You will have to maximize your ad spend owing to two things in particular:

  • Focused design
  • Message match

10. Maximizing ROI With Diverse Bidding Strategies

A convincing post-click landing page that has been built to pacify Google is not the sole thing that will help you in maximizing your advertising ROI. In order to help reach the specific digital marketing goals while draining your budget to the least amount, the ads team has successfully curated various diverse bidding strategies:

  • CPC Bidding

The CPC bidding or the bidding for Cost Per Click is what Google always recommends if you are aiming to drive website traffic. 

  • CPM Bidding

CPM bidding stands for the bidding for “cost per thousand viewable impressions”. Google generally recommends this if you are attempting to build brand awareness. With the help of this strategy, you have to choose an amount of money that you are willing to pay for 1,000 people to view your advertisement in complete view. It is solely available on the Google Display Network and not on the search network. 

  • CPA Bidding

This is what Google recommends the advertisers to use when they are completely focused on the conversions such as sign-ups or purchases.

In this way, if your key goal is to boost the brand awareness, you will be able to show your advertisements to more and more people than you would if Google has been trying to serve your ads to only those people that possess the best chance of converting or clicking. And the best part is that it works the other way around as well.

If you are aiming to action further down the funnel such as a conversion or a click, then you can bid for that. Google will then cut down on spreading your ads to the masses and instead it will show your ads to the people who are more likely to convert.

Other Benefits of Using Google Ads For Your Business

Some of the other reasons that would make you use Google advertisements include:

  • Google Ads complement the other marketing channels as well.
  • The traffic through Google advertisements might convert better than the organic traffic.
  • The ads format of Google can be even more engaging than the organic results.
  • Google ads is definitely taking over SERPs
  • It is comparatively easier than SEO.
  • The ads in Google are flexible and can be set to one’s preference through google ads settings.
  • The Google advertisements are measurable.
  • The advertisements in Google are scalable.


Google Ads have been very helpful in driving more traffic and getting more conversions. But you might also want to consider that your competitors are also using the same thing and might be making a better use of the google adwords keyword tool. This can be a peer pressure for you. When it comes to search engine marketing, it is rather persuasive. Google advertisements might be a little intimidating at the initial and also for all those who are not much aware of its usage. 

In such a case, you can take the help of the best digital marketing company possessing Google Adwords expert who understands better what suits best for your business. With that you will also not have to worry about your rankings and lose your important time that you might want to invest in some other important aspect of your business. You can also go ahead for the Google Ads certifications.


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