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6 Ways Online Defamation Victims Can Deal With

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Online defamation or social media defamation refers to the concept where someone puts up a statement on the internet that can ruin one’s image or business. They are also termed “online slander”. On the contrary, they fall under Libel defamation. Libel defamation refers to the defamation that has been written and Slander defamation refers to defamation that is in some audio or video form. Online defamation is quite common in this era of social media and many are falling victims of it. So in this article, we will have a look at the remedies that online defamation victims can use if they face a similar situation.

But before you start to act upon the remedies, here are certain things that you should be aware of. As per the Electronic Frontier Foundation (which has a great web page on online defamation law), there are three components that must be showcased during a defamation claim:

  • The defaming statement made against you has to be false. 
  • It has to be said to someone other than the person who has been defamed. 
  • It has to be regarding the plaintiff and have the ability to harm their online reputation.

The Most Common Online Platforms Where Defamation Can Happen

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Youtube
  • NextDoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

What Impact Can Online Defamation Have On The Minds Of The People?

Standing today when the whole world is trapped in the digital web it is very important and easy to create a positive web presence but it is easier to turn that into a negative image. This is what online defamation or Social Media Defamation does. Online defamation victims can face real troubles in their life if they do not take proper care of that. 

A study shows nearly 1.3 billion people now use the internet. So you can very well imagine how easy it is for someone on the internet to ruin your or your brand’s reputation

6 Steps You Should Take If You Are A Online Defamation Victim

Social media might look like a lawless space where reckless libel and cruel comments are simply the order of the day. But also there have been scenarios where courts have classified social media comments and posts as defamation. 

If you are confident that you are truly dealing with a scenario of online defamation and consider yourself among the online defamation victims, then these steps will act as a remedy to your problem. 

Do Not Respond To The Defamer

When you are being defamed online, the first thing you will want to do would be to retaliate against your attacker. But stop there and take a deep breath. Do not do that. That can worsen your image and the situation. You may indulge in defaming your attacker's back. So first consult a defamation lawyer first before taking any step all by yourself. 

Do Not Take Extreme Action

As mentioned before, do not indulge in any extreme action. It is obvious that at that point your mind will be on fire. Don’t let that worsen the situation more. Take your every step cautiously and calmly. 

Preserve And Save The Content

There are times when the culprit deletes the post and you do not have any trace. So for your convenience always save the post. And try taking as many screenshots as possible to prove your part. Without any proof of the defamation, you do not have a case. So be particular. 

Send Evidence Preservation Letters

If you are an online defamation victim, request the platform to save all information regarding that post. Do that if you are willing to file a lawsuit as that will be of great help for your case. 

Block The User

If you get the information on who did that, block them immediately to stop the flow of your information. That will shorten their chances further to defame you. Also, it will cut down your mental stress as you will know that they now cannot access your social media handles. 

Contact An Internet Defamation Attorney

Lastly, reach out to an “internet defamation attorney” where you can discuss your case. An attorney will take you through all the options and will tell you whether you can file a defamation case. 


Online defamation is now a common threat for all users on the internet. They are generally libel defamation. Libel defamation in social media can completely ruin the image of a personality or a business. There are various laws that can be enacted for online defamation victims and legal actions can be taken against the culprit. And if you are already a victim then you have to follow a few steps. Firstly do not hurry to take any action, then keep evidence of the defamation, and finally approach an internet defamation attorney as they will guide you further. 

Additionally, you can contact the best online reputation management company that can help with your lost reputation and offer negative content removal.


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