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Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips: 10 Powerful Steps For Better Conversions

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Taking advantage of the global events such as the Ramadan for promoting your store, product, service, business or brand has become a crucial activity for all the brands, business owners and the shopkeepers. The sole reason behind this is that it offers an impact on increasing sales volume that can be achieved by the brand, increasing brand awareness, and raising the conversion rate via the website. Thus, considering the importance of the religious event, we are presenting you the top 10 Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips that you can utilise in any platform including the social media handles.

10 Powerful Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips For This Year

Before we dive into the tips and tricks for this Ramadan, it is essential to let you know that the recent case studies, reports and researches in the e-commerce and digital marketing industries have confirmed that the consumers all over the world tend to purchase more during the festivals such as Ramadan. The percentages of purchases is highly increased by a whopping percentage and thus, most of the companies and large online store owners likely increase their digital marketing budget in Ramadan by upto 20%. This makes them sell more as well as make huge profits via this month.

Advertising during Ramadan is the best thing you can do for your business. Now, let's get into the tips.

1. Multiply Your Digital Campaigns And Ads

One of the most vital steps that we recommend you to do this Ramadan and the whole month is to increase as well as intensify the digital marketing of your business or organisation, whether it is offline or online. 

That being said, you will also need to increase your budget for those advertising campaigns by 20% during the month of Ramadan if you wish to increase your sales as well as double the rate of conversions of your store. 

2. Know The Time Of Publishing During Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, you must set your marketing or advertising campaigns to be accurate and specific. These times must be between breakfast and Suhoor. You are required to allocate the special times during Ramadan for displaying the paid advertising campaigns while promoting your store’s products and services in this month. 

These times are the appropriate ones and favourable for all the consumers. It helps the Muslim public to watch as well as interact from any sort of advertising campaigns or the promotional marketing campaigns including video marketing, image marketing and even the email campaigns. 

3. Learn From The Earlier Ramadan Digital Marketing Campaigns

The online brand owners or the store owners must review their reports, analysis and figures periodically that is offered by your social media or Google, showing you a set of insights and numbers. Such insights aid you to better understand the impact of your ad campaigns and the various activities you do on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter.

4. Make Your Website Ramadan Theme Friendly

You are required to keep in mind that your targeted audience must be aware of your digital marketing campaigns and your advertising campaigns. This is irrespective of you owning a blog, a store online or your accounts on the various social networking platforms in the holy month of Ramadan. Such an approach ensures increased interaction with your content throughout the month. This will automatically make your ad campaigns, e-marketing campaigns, business or blog successful during the Ramadan.

The brands or retailers who possess private accounts for their businesses on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram or even the various online publishers interested in different businesses can let their audience know about the atmosphere of Ramadan via several ways. The most important ones include:

✅ Appearing through the store or website of your business in a different way reflecting the actual atmosphere of Ramadan.

✅ Include the symbols of Ramadan such as crescent of Ramadan or lantern or any of those that are related to the minds of the store customers this month and also in the logo of your business, store or website. 

✅ Rely on using various colours and the various forms in your business website or stores in such a manner that it will suit the Ramadan atmosphere and aids the audience to feel the distinctive atmosphere of the festivity.

5. Write Blogs/Content Related To Ramadan

The content that you offer to your audience during the month of Ramadan must be absolutely relevant to the holy month. Through your personal social media handles, you can also share specific Ramadan related content such as tips for fasting or any other useful information focusing on Ramadan for increasing the interaction. 

Additionally, it can also make sense in turning a potential audience on your accounts on the social media platforms into an actual customer for the store, and can also transform them into your store as well as showcase your products and services. 

6. Test And Analyse The Campaigns In Early Days

It is also quintessential in the initial days of Ramadan to test and analyse all your digital marketing campaigns, irrespective of it being online or by depending on the various social media platforms.

Even video or email determines when the audiences or rather the targeted audiences are much more likely to engage with your promotional campaigns during the auspicious Ramadan. After receiving the insight, you must allocate these specific times to display your overall advertising and the marketing campaigns. 

7. Take Benefits From The Trends In Ramadan

Through the Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips for creating best Ramadan marketing campaigns, it is recommended that you must take complete advantage of the trends of this festivity, which has been largely suspended with the public during the month of Ramadan. You can do it in programs, serials or even in the advertisements in the complete month.

The use of the “trends” in your marketing campaigns such as content marketing, video marketing or even in the email marketing, will connect your current and the potential audience to what you relate to, share and interact with. This will help you to increase the audience engagement with your brand or store and also with the brand’s social media handles. 

8. Focus Deeply On Video Marketing

Ramadan marketing ideas are incomplete without video marketing. During the holy month of Ramadan, you must focus on video marketing variants. This is because the reports and studies revealed that the viewership rates achieve the peak rates during the Ramadan. Thus, it is recommended that you must produce promotional contents (videos and advertisements) for your site, store or platform or even your brand for viewing on the websites or on YouTube. 

This will additionally increase the number of the users that are interacting with the content offered through you and then be influenced by the services offered even if they are not familiar with your store or brand. You can even choose to promote this video with the help of paid promotion via Google or Facebook or any of the famous advertising and the promotional platforms helping to spread the viral content. 

9. Introduce More Discounts And Offers

It is also crucial to focus on offering even more offers as well as discounts on your products and services significantly during the month of Ramadan as a part of Ramadan digital campaign ideas. One of the factors that are required during the events is that the various commercial activities provide discount coupons or organise competitions that pay more to the public making them likely to choose your products or services over your competitors.  

10. Create Email Campaigns To Wish Them On The Occasion

One of the most important Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips for e-marketing during the Ramadan month is to create an email campaign and wish all your customers at various times of the month. Additionally, you can also inform them of the discounts that are offered by you through Ramadan marketing messages on the occasion of the month of Ramadan as well as when the occasion comes to an end. 


In this article, we have tried our best to offer you the best Ramadan Digital Marketing Tips to help your retail, brand, online store or website owners how to push your sales, earn better conversions for your site, transform audiences into potential customers and draw in more profit in this Ramadan. These would also go equally for the restaurants, cafes and bars if you are looking for Ramadan promotion ideas for restaurants

If you are trying these tips all by yourself for your brand or store, it will definitely help. But there are various other ways of increasing your conversion and thereby profit. These can only be done by a professional through the best digital marketing company.


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