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How To Run Different Types Of Instagram Ads?

Updated on: 25/06/2022

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In this digital era where everything is just a click away, social media plays a very vital role. Social media created a platform where every category of people fits well. Whether they are individuals, professionals, influencers, or even any business entity everybody has their share in this platform. More than 4.66 billion users in the world now uses social media so this has turned out to be a great place for businesses to create their digital presence and promote their brand. With the introduction of Instagram, the Instagram Ads is also a trending thing.

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram or even Pinterest the massive inclinations of businesses towards these social platforms have rapidly grown. And they have gained a great response from these platforms as well. So in this article, we will discuss the various types of Instagram Ads that will surely boost your business to the next big level through this Social Media Marketing or SMM techniques. Additionally check out the various Instagram ads examples below for better understanding. 

What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are various posters or images that any business uses to promote their brand. It is a paid medium. They look like any regular post on Instagram but come with a “sponsored” tag on the top. They also consist of a “call to action” button for their customers to reach them. Other than posts, they also come in the form of Instagram stories. 

You are eligible to create ads from Instagram as soon as you convert your profile to a professional account. This also benefits you in various other ways, one of which is creating ads on Instagram through Facebook tools.

Why Should You Go For Instagram Advertising?

Placing ads on social media has numerous benefits. However, there are some specific benefits if you consider paying for the ad impressions on Instagram rather than just running promotions and campaigns directly from your brand’s account. The following are some of the benefits of Instagram Ads.

1. Advanced Targeting Of Audience

Instagram ranks second following Facebook boasting over 1 billion monthly users. Since Facebook owns Instagram under the company name “Meta”, the platform possesses an unbelievable and hugee arsenal of targeting the data. Thus, Instagram advertising uses the same geographic and demographic data. This is the same advanced targeting that makes the Facebook Ads work that great. 

This helps you to be extremely prescriptive while targeting the various audiences. You will be successful in reaching the right audience in all of your retargeting and prospecting campaigns. It does not matter if you are using Facebook’s native audiences that are based on the behaviors, interest or any other demographics or you chooseto use your own custom audoiences that makes use of your Pixel, email lists, SDK or any other sources. 

2. Higher Engagement Rates

Instagram is mostly preferred for its high engagement rates in either ways such as organically or via the paid ad campaigns. An analytics revealed that Instagram receives an average of 23% more engagement as compared to a post shared on Facebook. Considering the organic engagement, the brands on Instagram stated that they have around 4% of their followers seeing their content in comparison to the nearly non-existent organic research of Facebook currently. 

It is better to pay for expanding your brand’s reach and visibility through the paid ads if you are willing to create Instagram ads for followers. While the visual contents possesses the potential to perform well, brands stated that they see more engagement on the video ads which is around 38% or more. 

3. External Link Support

As of now, Instagram still not allow clickable links in their organic post section. You can definitely include a link in the posts but it will not be clickable. This means that the users have to copy the link and pate in the browser’s url section and click enter in order to see what is there in the link. Eitherway, you can include the link of your latest post in your bio. 

The Instagram advertising enables you to place clickable ads or clickable destination links to your website or any other external platforms. It is better to implement Pixel on your website to better track traffic coming from your Instagram Ads.

4. Longer Videos

Instagram allows you to post videos that are 60 seconds long in the feed and in the Explore video section while stories enable you to post ad videos of maximum 15 seconds in length. Running ads in all these segments will enable you to display ads up to 2 minutes duration. Thus, this offers you most opportunity to convey both the brand and the features as well as benefits your ads through the products and services.  

How Much Does an Instagram Ad Cost?

The cost of advertising on Instagram depends. There is no fixed answer to this. There are many factors that work in deciding the Instagram Ads cost. The factors are:

  • Targeting
  • Audience size
  • Campaign objective
  • Ad placement
  • Ad format
  • Budget
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Time of the Year

According to AdEspresso the average cost of an Instagram ad is $1.20. Below are a rough estimate of Instagram Ads:

  • Instagram cost per click (CPC): $0.40-$0.70 (link clicks, likes, reactions, comments, shares)
  • Instagram cost per engagement (CPE): $0.01-$0.05
  • Instagram cost per thousand impressions (CPM): $2.50-$3.50
  • Instagram ads cost per click to destination URL: $0.50-$0.95.

How To Advertise On Instagram?

There are two ways in which you can set up your Instagram Ads. The first and easiest one is to promote an existing post, but the second one which offers a lot of customization options is creating your own Instagram Ads from Facebook Ads Manager or Meta Ads Manager. We will see how they can be done. 

How To Advertise On Instagram Directly From Your Post

The easiest option as mentioned before is to promote any existing post from your Instagram handle. This is also similar to the “boost post” feature of Facebook. 

When you upload any post to your Instagram handle there you will see an option called “promote” that comes right down the corner of the post. Just click on that. Then you will be redirected to another page where you have to set up your target audience and finally you choose the ad tenure and pay. Once the payment is done your ad will start running. 

Placing Instagram Ads Directly From Posts

How to Advertise On Instagram from Facebook Ads Manager

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the advertisement tools for both these platforms are well integrated. So there are options where you can run the same ad on both these platforms at the same time. 

Here there are few steps that need to be followed. So let's get started. 

Step 1: 

The first step involves choosing your prime objective of the ad. To begin with, go to the Facebook Ad Manager and select create where you will be directed to a page where you have to choose creation settings. Initially, the creation setting will be set to default, you have to change it to Quick creation. Quick creation gives you a lot of liberty to customize your ad. Once done, the next thing you have to do is select your objective. The objective here refers to the motto of yours in running this ad. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, start a conversation, engage the customers, make the customers install any app any many more. Once you have chosen your objective you will be taken to the next pages where you have to name your campaign.

Logging Into Facebook Ads Manager
Creating New Campaign In Facebook Ads Manager
Choosing Campaign Objective