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Best Tools For Ad Campaign Aiding In Easy Online Advertisements

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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Just initiating an ad campaign is not enough, a lot of effort has to be given to ensure that the ad is running well and you are driving desired results from that. But we do not have all day to spend on our ads. So to lessen our workload there are various tools for ad campaign available. And if you are wondering what are campaign management tools, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to talk about the various tools or platforms that are used for creating and running a very lucrative advertisement.  

Various Tools For Ad Campaign

To decrease our workload there exist few tools for ad campaign that work efficiently to ensure the best results from our advertisements and content marketing. They are as follows:

1. SEMrush

When we think about the best campaign management tools, the first name that comes to our mind is SEMrush. Advertising is often confusing because initially when you are starting you do not know what is going to work. So all you end up doing is creating a high budget for your ads not knowing the end. 

SEMrush prevents you from doing that. For example, in the case of SEO long tail keywords work really well but parallelly they do not work well for paid campaigns where there is not enough search volume that will require your clicks. So even if the CPC is fair, that will go. 

And demand for any particular keyword is not in your hand, as you can not create that demand. All that is in your hand is to capitalize the keyword that is already there. 

SEMrush allows you to manage CPC, SERP so that you can increase your traffic volume. This tool also allows you to learn about your competitors and their positions. With this information, you can create your content in such a way that your primary keyword would appear at the top of the search engine result page. 

SEMrush can also scale up your competitive abilities by utilizing specific ad copies. CPC also enables you to evaluate the CPC of your ad campaign. Also, you can use SEMrush to control your adverts by lead generation, understand your domain overview and also manage the reports of your market. So this is indeed one of the best campaign management tools in digital marketing

2. SpyFu

The work of SpyFu is similar to that of SEMrush. It also enables you to find your same keyword search competitors. It is able to give you a complete glance at your ad area. This allows you to evaluate the condition of your ad campaign. It also provides you an insight of the long tail keywords that are associated with your advertisements so that you can drive maximum ROI. It simplifies your data requirement through excel and gives you more time in strategizing how you can generate more leads from that same ad. You can also use these ad campaign tools to figure out the amount an advertiser pays on a particular keyword. With all these insights SpyFu ensures that you get a high return from your ad campaign.

3. Grammarly

Writing creative ads for conducting effective social media marketing is not an easy job as it requires a unique mix of comprehension of the objective of the business, psychology of the customer along with principles of creative writing. Now getting someone who can do all these three is tough. Either you get someone who has good knowledge about your business and its objective but writes really bad. Or you bring someone who writes really well but has zero knowledge about business and its objectives. Thankfully there is Grammarly at your rescue. 

The common tool for spell check fails to determine in which context you are writing. Meaning, use of one word instead of another gets unnoticed. But Grammarly catches all of these and even more. Grammarly looks after all your punctuations, hyphenated words, and many more offering an easy and error-free method to market your content and build links. Even though there is membership available, you can also use this as a free campaign management tool. 

4. Canva

The copy of your advertisement is not your sole problem. The other problem is design. You could use photoshop and start your design. But the easier option is Canva. In photoshop, there are no pre-installed templates, you have to design everything on your own which consumes a lot of time. But with Canva that is not the case. Canva provides a wide range of templates and stock images that decreases the design pressure yet yields great results. 

5. Facebook Ad Gallery

How do you decide which ad creative works well for your campaign? You can not. You need to test that which is a very hectic and time consuming process. The Facebook ad gallery from AdEspresso helps you do that easily in much less time. It forecasts ad creatives from big advertisers that help you to make your decision. 

For example, you get the choice to filter brand awareness ads and lead generation ads to see how others are creating their ad creatives. It is more like conducting a market survey to determine what is best for your ad. Use this ad management tool to get the best results for your advertisement. 

6. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is among those tools for ad campaign that reduce the complexity of designing any ad. It enables you to duplicate old ad campaigns and edit them as per your needs and also allows you to create your own ad from scratch. It also has an automatic saving feature that allows you to finish your ads before you publish them. Along with that, it comes with other exceptional features like split test ads and also split tests for various types of consumers. It also helps you to figure out your accurate returns from that particular ad campaign and with these facts you can reshape your advertising budget accordingly. 

7. Zapier

Zapier is a platform that connects applications that do not generally connect. Sounds confusing? The sentence may be but the idea isn’t. Let us see what it actually means. There are over 2,000 marketing companies running and among them, you probably use some. The problem here is that many companies do not share their data back and forth through a simple API. Instead, they are bound to scribble things manually or transfer Google Adwords lead off to others to succeed before even hitting the sales sector. 

Zapier connects you to these applications that bridge the gap of your knowledge and also enable you to automate your business process in order to: 

✅ Speed up the tasks that take a lot of time. 

✅ Increase task accuracy. 

✅ Allocate more time to the important tasks.  

8. Google URL Builder

Dark traffic is dangerous for your data. It is taking over your mail, social as well as ad campaigns and shows up under ‘direct’ in place of where you rightfully belong. There is only one way to save yourself from this and that is to ensure that every ad campaign link of yours is rightly tagged. The Google URL builder does this for you so that you can link your campaigns in just a few seconds. All you have to do is just provide the basic information about where you are putting the link and your purpose, these tools for ad campaign will do the rest. 

9. Leadin

Most companies have the information of how many conversion or leads their Adword campaigns are providing. But very know how many real paying consumers the campaigns have generated. A free way to find this is with a tool called Leadin. It is like a lite version of CRM that you can install on your WordPress website that will automatically pick up information from different sources and will provide you with a report. Along with that Leadin also provides you a parameter to compare the results of other departments manually. All you have to do is simply go and export your Leadin data at the end of each month. 

10. Crazy Egg

Advertisement campaigns do not always run as per expectation. There are times when the page fails to resonate for some particular reason. There can be times when the copy and design are on point but the campaign is still a flop. The crazy map gives you the insight into which people who are not interacting with your page. This allows you to determine which category of audience accepted this ad campaign of yours. In this case, there is no primary CTA that attracts every visitor’s focus and attention. Analyzing user behavior for five minutes gives you a hint of what actually went wrong.   


Creating and running a victorious paid advertisement campaign is not as easy as it may seem to be. There are many many factors that need to be in place to get a good result from the campaign. That is why there are various tools for ad campaign available that allow you to get your work done easily and efficiently in less time.


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