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What Are The Video Marketing Trends For This Year And Beyond?

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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The popularity of video in this marketing era has increased to a great extent. Thanks to mobile technologies and the advent of apps that has facilitated the increase of videos to a great extent. Audiences have started to understand and accept the importance of video in marketing. Here in this article, we will discuss the video marketing trends and strategies for 2023 and beyond. 

What Is Video Marketing?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then you can imagine the value of a video. That is the basis of video marketing. It is said to be a forward facing strategy of marketing that combines attractive videos into your marketing campaigns.  

Video marketing is used in everything from constructing customer impressions to your brand promotion, everything can be done by one video. Along with that, it can also be used to showcase customer testimonials, live stream events, and many more. 

How Video Marketing Strategies Work?

This is a very simple concept. Your brand creates videos that help you to promote your product or services in some way or the other. Also, you can create videos to spread awareness related to any prevailing issues. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that video marketing is data driven. There has to be sufficient data in your video to engage your customers. Apart from good graphics, it should carry information that your customers need. Through the below mentioned points you can arrange your video’s content:

  • First, allocate all your resources in one place. Make sure it carries all the information needed.
  • Tell your stories creatively and with interest. 
  • Always try to engage your customers by providing eye soothing graphics and great content materials. 

Advantages Of Video Marketing Techniques

There are many benefits of video marketing. Let us see the most important ones in this ultimate video marketing guide:

  • Video helps you to connect with your audience faster. The current audience now prefers videos to blogs. They are more comfortable in audio visual form than reading. 
  • Video helps to build great backlinks for your site. It is said to be an SEO gold mine.
  • Video enables information retention. If any customer hears something there is a 10 percent chance that they will remember that, but if he sees a video there is a 60 percent chance that he will remember. Visuals along with audio increase the retention power for any human. 

Now that you know what power video holds in marketing, let us have a look at the current trends in marketing video. The below mentioned marketing video trends are presently used in the market to a great extent. 

8 Video Marketing Trends For 2023 And Beyond

Above everything, the preference for ad video has risen over any other form of advertisement or marketing. To be on the top let us look at the most effective video marketing trends of 2023 and beyond. Here are the top 4 video trends that you need to consider. 

1. Super short videos

Let us start the video marketing industry trends with the idea of super short videos. This trend of super short videos was originated by Google back in 2016 with the launch of a 6 second bumper ad on YouTube. This trend was not just to grab attention for a shorter span but also to get used to the increasing trend of video and that shorter videos being created. 

And it is also true that maximum people watch any long ad on YouTube till they find the “skip” option. So there is no point in creating a long ad and that was when these super short videos became video marketing trends for 2023 and beyond. 

The videos in the social media stories are very engaging. These possess the potential to help the brands infuse a more personal touch than the other type of video contents. As the videos in the social media stories are longer to stay, it would help if you keep them casual and engaging.

The most important thing about the social media stories is that they also offer multiple ways to interact with the viewers and is one of the parts of the current social media video trends. You can use various features to engage your viewers such as the questions feature and polls. These will be the best ways to interact and know about your products and services from the audience.

2. More Long Form Video Content

This may sound contradictory to the above mentioned trend. But there is a world of difference between video advertising and video content marketing. The aim of content marketing is to provide information to a target audience. So the video has to be entertaining and should have a value associated with it. And for this value people will want to watch the video for 3-5 minutes or even longer. This is among the video content marketing trends. 

3. User Generated Video Content

The user generated video content has been quite popular in social media for a bit longer. However, you can now see it everywhere. All you need to do before starting is thinking about the different videos that you have recently seen. From the dances on the various platforms or the commercials. Almost every video offers an authentic look to the user generated content (UGC).

You can create user-generated content when you share your products and services with people who share a small video talking about your products or services. You can post these as short stories or a small update on your social media platforms or even include it in your portfolio. This would be beneficial. 

4. Vertical Video

In video marketing trends for 2023 and beyond, vertical videos are here to stay. One huge shining sign is the giant growth in the concept of storytelling. Almost all social media are using this along with some huge publication houses. People watch so many videos on their phones that they do want to change their orientation. 

Vertical video does not involve changing the rule of storytelling, rather it becomes more available to everyone watching that. To create an impactful vertical video it is important to include a real person. This is basically a video in portrait format. 

5. AR & VR Video Content

Although the AR and VR contents have been around for quite a while, it is now finding its way to the mainstream of video marketing. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has also accelerated the growth of AR and VR. The brands are currently using this technology for creating an efficient virtual experience for their consumers. On top of this, the retail stores are also offering a unique strategy known as the “try before buy”. You can also incorporate this technology in your video marketing in order to transform the user experience in the best possible way.

6. Increases Social Media Video Ads

Let us have a look at new trends in video marketing. With the increased popularity of social media, there has been an increase in demand for videos in social media. Since more than 2 billion people across the globe use social media it is very easy for businesses to reach out to them. So social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have provided businesses with immense space to advertise their videos and also make their video reach a large audience or in other words to the world market. This is a very important video ads marketing trend that you should take into account. 

7. Vlogging

One of the most engaging things for the brands is to engage in storytelling that further helps in engaging and connecting with the consumers. It can also help in the development of brand personality and also keep the audience engaged. You will find vlogs on almost all topics at present. These kinds of videos are outperforming and over time getting more engagement. This means that vlogs will stay here for longer.

8. Importance Of Live Streams Will Skyrocket

The live videos also known as the live streams have skyrocketed their importance since last year. It is primarily owing to the coronavirus pandemic that halted the in-person events and experiences. Thus, the live videos have emerged as an effective but essential way for the businesses in the bid to connect to their customers continuously. 

At the current scenario, the outlook of stream-able content has also completely transformed. Moreover, everyone is using ten live video features now. Live streaming has become a crucial element from the influencers to the enterprises, music artists and the local brands. Thus, it would help if you integrate live streaming into your video marketing strategy for making the most out of this trend.

Video Types That You Can Incorporate In Your Video Marketing Strategy

The following are the video types that you would like to incorporate:

1. Commercials

Commercials are attention-grabbing brief videos that highlight the best features of your company with a dynamic scene, summary of the exciting features, beautiful imagery and end with a straightforward call to action. These are the most common types of video and you have probably watched a ton of them on the streaming services, TVs or the video platforms such as YouTube. Since they primarily aim to attract new customers, the commercials are considered broad to appeal and offer only the most important as well as relevant information that a viewer must require. 

The best part is that they are memorable. They show off your brand in such a manner that it sticks with the viewer. Thus, if it is the very first time the viewer is exposed to your brand, they will not forget it soon. 

The commercials are typically short videos ranging from 30 seconds to a minute long maximum. These are distributed via online paid advertising or on the television. They are also a great option to be displayed on your website or on the homepage as they offer a general overview of your brand and epitomize your brand mission in a quick as well as easily digestible format.

2. Explainer Videos

The explainer videos teach your audience even more about your brand, company, product(s), or service(s). Similar to the social content videos, almost any video can be an explainer video. The sole requirement is a focus on the way your company solves a specific problem. These are superb introductions to your brand. They must quickly and efficiently explain what your company does and why it matters. These videos complete in a  span of under 3 minutes and end with a strong call to action offering a simple solution to a complex issue.

You need to remember that these videos must always answer three crucial questions viz., what is the issue with your audience? How is your product or service going to fix it? Why should your audience choose you over your competitors?

3. Product Videos

A product video or demo video lets your audience know about your best selling products or services as well as their top features. The video displays your product in action and aims to increase the consumer confidence in your brand or company. The primary goal of these videos is to attract the new customers who are in the initial phase of product research. 

Through these product videos, you would also like to show off not only the beauty of your product, but also its necessity and utility. Additionally, you would also like to highlight the feature that makes your product much better than the rest. As these visitors are still in their research phase, you would also like to ensure that your product video sets you apart from your competition.

Usually, the product videos have a length of somewhere around 30 seconds and these can be shared on your website, via email, via paid advertising or through the social media platforms. You need to use high quality production in addition to great sound, irrespective of it being dialogue, music or voice-over for communicating how amazing your product is.

4. Customer Testimonials

The customer testimonial videos are considered to be one of the strongest types of the videos that you can curate. They display the past or the current satisfied customers talking about their positive experience after using your products or services. Personal feedback from customers that are honest about what they say is much stronger than anything that you say about your own company. 

As per a latest survey, 90% of the consumers mentioned that their purchase decisions are influenced by the online reviews. Thus, you are required to use these reviews in order to increase your brand credibility and also convince your prospects to take the leap. 

The customer testimonials usually span between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and can focus on one satisfied customer or several ones. These testimonial videos are highly versatile which means that you can publish them mostly anywhere. You will just have to make sure that whoever you film is completely authentic. A fake-feeling or forced testimonial might be more detrimental to your brand. Thus, you just invest some more time to find the perfect person for the testimonial.

5. Animated Videos

The animated videos can be a great format for the hard-to-grab contents and require strong visuals to explain an abstract service or product. It helps to improve conversions and sales, increase brand awareness, build trust in your business, generate online leads, capture the mobile audience, explain your offers, engage your prospects and achieve social clout. The length of such videos mostly varies from 30 seconds to 3 minutes but it is highly self-explanatory.

6. Educational / How-To Videos

The instructional videos can be utilized to educate your audience about something new or construct the foundational knowledge that they will require to better understand your business and solutions that you have to offer. You can also go ahead and use these videos by your sales and service teams as they work with your customers.

The majority of the viewers seeks to have informational or how0to videos to be below 20 minutes bearing a preference of 3 minute to 6 minute ranges. Since the videos here are of the most length, you need to keep three things in the bid to retain the attention of your audience - be interesting, be funny and use plain language.

7. Personalized Message Videos

The personalized messages stuffed in a video can prove to be a creative method to continue a conversation or even respond to someone over email or text. You can record yourself recapping an important meeting or offering personalized recommendations. These videos aim to create a delightful as well as an unique moment for all your prospects. It is also capable of driving them further down in the purchase journey. There is no particular time span for these videos, however, the shorter, crisper and to the point it is the more value the video will create.

8. Expert Interviews

Confiscating interviews with the thought leaders in your industry or the internal experts is a great method to build trust as well as authority with your target audience. Additionally, you would also require to find the influencers in your industry, irrespective of the fact they share your point of view or not. Make sure you get these discussions in front of your audience. You must not get afraid to be tactical with all your interviews as your audience will grow from your laborious work. 

9. Event Videos

If your business is hosting a roundtable discussion, a conference, a fundraiser or any other type of event, then shooting these videos and uploading the clips or the whole video on the website or the social media handles would be helpful. Additionally, you can also produce a pacific highlight reel or release the interesting interviews and/or presentations from the gathering. 

The length of such even videos, especially for the highlights or the short clips are generally within a time span of 3 minutes. You can also combine the best and the informative parts of the video to make a solid one with dialogues, great music and superb graphics. Collect some great expressions of the viewers that state their best feeling about you or your brand.


By now you know the latest trends in marketing videos. Interactive video offers customer content that can be easily navigated across a huge number of channels. From B2B to B2C videos are effective in answering all queries and better mode for understanding anything and retaining the information. So by applying the above mentioned video marketing trends or content marketing tips one can easily navigate through all the channels smoothly. Apart from the trends that have been mentioned above there are many other video trends that are slowly gaining popularity and one among them is video game marketing trends. 



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