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Types Of Social Media: How To Benefit From Them?

30-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Social Media has gained a lot of prominences not solely because of entertainment. It has offered the businesses some massive exposure and an easy route to the targeted audiences. So, whenever you are planning for your next social media strategy, you are probably looking forward to some known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or probably Pinterest and YouTube. However, there are vario...

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Kidfluencers And Social Media: Is It A New Age Child Labor?

11-06-2022 | Amrita Tripathi

Influencer marketing currently is one of the most progressing segments in the marketing industry. As per a report “60 Minutes Australia 2020”, people’s attention is solely an easy and accessible click away. The same report also states that private media sources like home videos have quickly become a pretty lucrative market and this raises the question, “Are parents taking an active role in safegua...

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How To Optimize The 14 Important Google SERP Features?

08-06-2022 | Nancy Bloomer

Google Search Engine Ranking Pages, commonly known as Google SERP is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Ranking in these SERPs is essential to be found, gain sales, have profitable conversions, gain new customers and retain the existing customers.  Additionally, it is also challenging to continuously rank on the search engine results page of Google owing to the fact that the exact algo...

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