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What Are The 5 Ways To Prevent Data Breaches?

30-11-2021 | Alex Smith

What should a company do after a data breach? Data breaches can cause far more than any momentary loss. They can change your life. There can be huge complications that may arise in the lives of businesses, governments, or individuals when some sensit...

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What Are The Video Marketing Trends For 2021 And Beyond?

20-11-2021 | Alex Smith

The popularity of video in this marketing era has increased to a great extent. Thanks to mobile technologies and the advent of apps that has facilitated the increase of videos to a great extent. Audiences have started to understand and accept the imp...

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How To Prevent Social Media Defamation

10-11-2021 | Alex Smith

Social media defamation is a term used to describe a false accusation made against a person on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social media defamation is often termed “social media slander”. Though this term is technical...

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Facebook Vs LinkedIn: Which Is Better For Social Media Advertisement?

20-10-2021 | Alex Smith

Facebook and LinkedIn both can be called the powerhouse of advertising for businesses. However, the advertising potential of both these social media platforms is distinct from one another. Their advantages and disadvantages are also different from on...

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7 Tested Data Recovery Software Free To Download In 2021

13-09-2021 | Alex Smith

Companies and work can never be complete without data. Data is what keeps a company going and growing. Mishaps are unfortunate, and with data, it is quite possible. Mistakenly deleting data from your computer or losing data by other means, say, a sud...

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