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5 Important Holiday Cybersecurity Tips To Not Fall Prey

14-04-2022 | Alex Smith

With each holiday season comes the shopping spree and days before that people check out what things they would like to buy and wish list them. The ongoing pandemic has a ripple effect on the global shipping as well as the delivery rates owing to the shortage of the transportation and the workers. It is a good idea to conduct your shopping as soon as possible. But on doing so, people usually tend t...

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Identity Management For IoT Devices: Managing The Important Business Credentials

12-04-2022 | Alex Smith

The Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT offers countless opportunities for business of all sizes and variants by increasing tier market competency, aiding in long-lasting and robust consumer relationships as well as discovering the brand new market opportunities. However, IoT has been a pretty significant challenge worldwide owing to the fact that these devices are widely used these days in...

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Important Water Sector Cybersecurity Tips To Protect From Cyber Risks

22-03-2022 | Alex Smith

Similar to several critical infrastructure verticals, the water industry also faces a rise in the increased cybersecurity risks. Water is managed privately or locally based on the place where you live. This makes it very challenging to regulate and manage. As far as the utilities are concerned, the water sector typically possesses the least financial resources that has been allocated towards it, m...

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New Shocking Things In Bug Bounty Programs You Cannot Miss

09-03-2022 | Alex Smith

The Bug Bounty Programs are an efficient initiative that helps both parties involved in it gain something out of it. The bounty hunters get rewarded as per the policies of a particular bug bounty program while the company that offers the rewards gets to know the potential flaws in the system and take immediate steps to patch it. Several companies have come up with such programs (private bug bounty...

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How Are Women In Cybersecurity Important For Minimizing Online Risks?

08-03-2022 | Alex Smith

Considering the field of cybersecurity, women are highly underrepresented. Back in 2017, women in cybersecurity statistics in the United States states it held 14% share as compared to the 48% share in the general workforce. However, the problem is more acute outside the U.S. In 2018, women accounted for 10% of the cybersecurity workforce in the entire Asia-Pacific region, 9% in Africa, 8% in Latin...

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